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Loss Control • Training • Compliance


Gathering and Assessing Data

This phase can take as little as one week and as much as one month, dependent on the client’s organization and size of business. The following items are assessed in detail:

  • Current Insurance Program – This allows us to delve into the policies and make sure the right coverages are in place and to assess the market (company) to see if it is truly the best option for your business. 

  • Driver Qualification Files – These are very important, and the level of organization and completeness of the file can tell us a lot about a business. Review of the file will include the following: Application, Driver, MVR, Initial Background Checks, Medical Examiner Card, Certificate of Road Test, Safety Program, Hiring Standards, etc. We usually only need to look at 3-4 to get the picture.

  • Controls/Policies Currently in Place – Drug and Alcohol, Distracted Driving, etc.

  • Current Training Program – Status, topics, frequency, staff involved, etc.

  • Three-Year Dot Recordable Accident Registrar

  • Vehicle Maintenance Records

  • Driver Time Sheets – We look at two different periods, either weekly or bi-weekly.

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