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Loss Control • Training • Compliance


Initial Review:

Prior to the first meeting, we review both the current SAFER profile and five years of currently valued loss runs (needed from insured) to identify trends and come up with a program and timeline that is tailored to your business trends, exposures and insurance policy timelines. This process can be scaled to any time during the insurance policy period, but is best done sooner rather than later (i.e. the further out from your renewal date).


Review Meeting: Discuss program, timeline and cost with ownership. A plan is put into motion and necessary contracts are signed.

The following are required to move forward:

  • Control of the insurance program. The policies must be signed over via a BOR so we can start implementing the process.

  • Commitment of ownership and management. This is not an easy process and will require work from several parties.

  • Established calendar of how and when the process will take place.

  • Established cost structure and a clear picture of pricing on services that require additional fees.

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