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AT WATERLOO Insurance, we feel that we owe everything to the communities and the industries that we serve. Agency Principal, Bruce Agness, has always believed that giving back to the community is the driving force behind his success in the business world and has instilled that mentality in his family and staff. 

Bruce co-founded Mobile Loaves and Fishes with a group on five men, including good friend Alan Graham, in 1998. MLF is a non-profit formed to serve food and provide dignity to the homeless and working poor in Austin, Texas. Bruce helped grow MLF into a truck operation with over 20 trucks and 20,000 volunteers and served as chairman of the board from 2016 to 2019. This charitable spirit was passed on to Bruce’s sons who are part of the business and have been involved with MLF since its inception in in 1998.  


In 2015, MLF expanded to build and open Community First!, a 30-acre community that houses 250 chronically homeless. It is a true community and offers a store, outdoor movie theater, multiple laundry mats, chapel, community center, garden, chicken coop, dog park and much, much more. It has been so successful that Phase Two in now in the works.

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