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Progress and improvement will be leveraged with insurance underwriters to achieve the most comprehensive and competitive insurance program possible.


 The following is a summary of the fleet safety audit that will be performed by Rodney Moeller, these inspections will usually take approx. half a day: 


Five Year Loss Runs

(furnished by your insurance agent)


FMSCA Pin Number 

(If you do not know what this is, let us know and we can help you revcover)


Current Fleet Safety Policy


Any other fleet safety info that is pertinent (info on cameras, telematics, etc.)



Intro Meeting

30-45 Minutes

This meeting should include ownership or upper management as well as the individuals in charge of fleet safety and vehicle maintenance. We will go over initial findings from the above information and discuss the process and philosophy behind our methods. 

Record Keeping Audit

1-2 Hours

This will be a detailed dive into some of the following issues and should involve whoever maintains these records:

a. Driver DQ Files

b. Drug Testing Procedures and Record Keeping

c. Hours of Service

d. Clearing House Inquiries

e. Electronic Files

f. Vehicle Maintenance Files

g. Fleet Safety Info

h. Driver Training Info (Ongoing and New Hire)

Tour of Maintenance Facility

30 Minutes - 1 Hour

This will be an assessment of the current vehicle maintenance program and should include whoever oversees maintenance, it will consist of the following:

a. OSHA Violations

b. Vehicle Maintenance Logs (if kept in shop) 

c. Mechanic Certifications

d. Brakes Discussion

e. Service Referrals (Inhouse vs. Outsourced) 

f. 393 Equipment Violations Discussion 

Fleet Inspection

1.5-2 Hours

We will need two vehicles loaded the same way they would normally hit the road. We would need whoever oversees both maintenance and fleet safety present, this would consist of the following:

a. Level Two Vehicle Inspection

b. Load Securement Assessment



After the visit, Rodney will put together a presentation on his findings. This presentation will be presented to ownership/management with suggestions on where we can help with improvement. The goal is not to just point out issues but to give you the tools and support needed to correct those issues going forward. Progress and improvement will be leveraged with insurance underwriters to achieve the most comprehensive and competitive insurance program possible. 

Documentation for any ongoing visits will be saved to demonstrate the quality of the fleet safety program should a lawsuit be brought against any of our clients. This level of detail and dedication to your fleet safety serves as protection against predatory litigation. 

*Please note that times and inspection process is subject to change based on the size and scope of each client. Findings are not meant to offend or condemn anyone; they are solely for the purpose of helping to improve each operation that we work with. 

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