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Compliance • Safety • Accountability

CSA stands for Compliance, Safety and Accountability. It is the safety compliance and enforcement program of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that holds motor carriers and drivers accountable for their role in safety. The SAFER report is a snapshot that provides a concise record of a company’s fleet size, cargo type, DOT inspections, out-of-service units, crash data and safety rating.


Clean SAFER reports help to control insurance pricing. We have found that these reports are one of the main things underwriters review when investigating businesses with an auto exposure. Also, these are the first reports that will be pulled by attorneys if there is a claim. If they can prove negligence via a SAFER report, it can substantially increase the cost of claims, which in turn drive up insurance premiums upon renewal. Because these reports are available on the internet for anyone to pull, the information in them can be dangerous. 


There are two options we provide

for monitoring these reports:



With the first option, the Waterloo Insurance Staff will pull the reports on predetermined dates (either semiannually or quarterly based on fleet size). We then asses the reports and make suggestions on our findings.



The second option is continuous monitoring. This is suggested for larger fleets (10 or more extra heavy units) and is implemented with the help of a third-party partnership with Samba Safety. We have negotiated preferred pricing for our customers; an initial setup fee of $399 plus $2 per driver per month. This option gives you real time feedback when fleet and driver maintenance violations are recorded so that you can fix the issues ASAP.

These reports are the future of underwriting, and if you want to be considered a best-in-class business, it is imperative that you are familiar with these reports and make sure that your business’ report is as clean as possible.

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