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AT WATERLOO, we are specialists in the transportation niche and know how to help businesses improve their exposure and sell themselves to insurance underwriters.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler/distributor delivering products via your own fleet of commercial vehicles, or an over-the-road trucker carrying cargo across the country for others, you need an agency whose deep transportation expertise can keep you on the road.

As a business owner with a lot of trucks on the road, there are only a few things you can really do to make yourself look better in the eyes of an underwriter, and that is where we can help you.

The risk for business owners who operate transportation and trucking businesses is at an all-time high. At Waterloo we excel on accounts that have a large auto exposure, and for that reason we develop our whole business plan around it. Our markets, staff, loss control, claims analysis all lend themselves to your biggest exposure, your fleet. 

If your business is operating vehicles that are regulated by the DOT then there is more information available on your business than ever before.  Personal injury lawyers are targeting you and using new technology they can gather specific information on your vehicle maintenance, drivers and safety history to use against you.     


We don’t see the commercial auto market market getting any better, in our mind there are two options:


1) Take premium increases based on a market that is unprofitable and continuing to deteriorate


2) Take steps to truly improve your companies risk profile and work with an agency that knows how to leverage it.


Examples: Trucking, Aggregate Hauling,

Freight Handles, etc.


SAFER Report Reviews   |   Fleet Safety Program Development   |   Narrative Formation   |   Insuretech Implementation

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