Whether you are a retailer of clothes, hardware, or automotive supplies, you need to feel confident that your customers, employees, and property are protected. We can help put together a program to protect all aspects of your business. Also, as the retail market changes and shifts more and more to e-commerce, we can help you adapt to the new risks that come with that transformation.  


As a wholesaler, you manage a constant flow of products and people that need protection at every turn. Whether you're inventorying products in a warehouse or shipping deliveries with a fleet of vehicles, your business needs protection that is tailored to your operation. This is where we step in, analyzing your areas of coverage and risks to develop a plan specific to your business needs.

AT WATERLOO,  Retail and Wholesale business enable the economy to keep moving forward.  As the landscape of how products are purchased continues to evolve we can be there to help these businesses protect themselves and their customers.  

Below are some examples of what we work with:  

Waterloo 365 Services Specific to Retail & Wholesale:

Cyber Exposure Analysis   |  Return To Work Program  |   Marketing Analysis   |   Claims Review

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