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The following are some of the Waterloo 365 services tailored to help transportation businesses:

  • Cyber Exposure Analysis: Underwriting cyber risk is hard. The threats are diverse and complicated – ranging from phishing and ransomware attempts to denial-of-service attacks and cloud-service interruptions – and they continue to multiply and evolve.  We help insureds to realize what they are exposed to and then suggest the correct coverage to protect their businesses.

  • Website Review and Analysis: Business websites contain a lot of information, sometimes too much.  We assess business websites and give them suggestions based on how an insurance underwriter will look at certain things.  This is the first thing an underwriter is going to look at and there are a lot of things you can do to help how you are perceived. 

  • Safety Program Review and Development: A comprehensive management program designed to manage safety elements in the workplace. It includes policy, objectives, plans, procedures, organization, responsibilities and other measures. A good safety program leads to better losses and good loss history leads to lower overall cost of insurance.